Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ART - Expression

Assuming that the artist does not relieve his oppressed state of mind through creating,what connection has this with the exact words or score or brushstrokes that he puts on paper or canvas?
Feelings are one thing, words and visual shapes and tones are quite another.It is these latter that constitutes the art medium and in it that works of art are created.
There is doubtless,a casual connection between the feelings of the artist and the words he writes in his poem,but the expression theory of creation talks only about artists feelings,while creation occurs within the art mediums themselves,and to speak only of the forms is not to tell anything about the work of art.
The artist doesn't know what he is going to express he has expressed it.He does not know the end in the beginning,he cannot state until his work is finished what the completed product will be like- if he could, he would not have to undergo the "divine agonies" of creation in order to produce it.Artists are the people who wear their soul on their face.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ART - Representation

Art,the philosophy of interpretation,representation and expression.It is closely related to aesthetics,the philosophical study of beauty and taste.
Representation always involves a certain degree of abstraction i.e taking away one characteristics or more of the original.If we talk about paintings,the painting is a 2 dimensional where as every actual person is 3 dimensional.The surface of a painting is paint,but not so the person.
As people do have a habbit to judge a person so they do to the artwork.Indeed,its a human tendency to judge and interpret things.
The representation of  the paintings or any type of art is not just a representation but it is a form of expression.Every human tends to express in their own manner;few by words others by their skills.It does not need a creative mind or a talent.It urges automatically from a person depending upon the state of mind or heart he or she passes through!

Viewers judge,comment and suggest things to the creator but it hardly matters to him or her as it is their expression and not skill.It depends upon the mood and the state of being and the environment around.A person should have the guts to face whatever people think about his or her art.Every human is born unique and creative.It just depends on one how to express.And as Joseph Pearce says"TO LIVE A CREATIVE LIFE WE MUST LOSE OUR FEAR OF BEING!"